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IETA is a market leader in providing standardized documentation for emission trading. IETA provides a suite of documents that span primary and secondary OTC emission markets. Through the Secretariat and its specialist members, IETA maintains, updates, and develops new contracts that are recognized for their clarity, conciseness and focus on carbon market details. Please find our current suite of standardized documentation below.

If you have any legal questions on the trading documentation listed below, please consult a licensed legal specialist.
For general queries, please contact the IETA secretariat.

California Trading Documentation

California Emissions Trading Master Agreement (CETMA) v. 1.1

California Emissions Trading Master Agreement (CETMA) v. 1.1 (Word version)

Please note that the CETMA files provided on this page include the following items:

  • Introduction and Explanatory Notes
  • Master Agreement
  • Schedule 1 (Definitions)
  • Schedule 2 (Elections)
  • Exhibit A (Form of Allowance Confirmation)
  • Exhibit B (Form of Offset Confirmation)

Access the press release of the CETMA here.

Carbon reduction and removal trading documentation

Primary ERPA v1.0: PDF version and Word version

Contingent Secondary ERPA v1.0: PDF version and Word version

Non-Contingent Secondary ERPA v1.0: PDF version and Word version

Guidance Document v1.0: PDF version and Word version

Access the press release for these documents here.

International Emissions Trading Documentation 

European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) Documentation

Trading Documentation for Certified Emission Reductions (CERs) from the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

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